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A Very CHH Christmas: Top 5 CHH Holiday Projects

The holiday season is officially upon us! If you’re anything like me, you’re already putting together a playlist to get you in the mood for the season. You’re also likely looking for new holiday music that isn’t simply a cover of “Jingle Bell Rock” and that doesn't talk about kissing Santa underneath the mistletoe.

Recently, it seems that more and more Christian Hip-Hop artists are releasing Christmas albums, EPs, and/or singles. Many of these projects are the perfect addition to your holiday playlists. Hip-Hop has a way of grasping the joy and excitement of the season while boldly preaching the truth about Jesus’ birth. There’s a lot of projects out there and, yet, I find myself always wanting more around this time of year.

Here are some of the top CHH Christmas Projects to date to get you in the holiday spirit:

1. The Gift: A Christmas Compilation by 116

This is likely the most well-known, if not only, CHH Christmas album that you’ve heard of. The project features the majority of Reach Records' primary roster, such as Lecrae, Tedashii, WHATUPRG, Wande, 1k Phew, Trip Lee, and GAWVI. It also features several other artists outside of Reach that we love, like nobigdyl, Jon Keith, Derek Minor, Byron Juane, Jaylon Ashuan, Evan and Eris, Hollyn, Paul Russell, and more! The deluxe edition that was released in 2019 includes Andy Mineo, Hulvey, Montell Fish, iamtaylormade, and a couple others who collaborated on an additional three tracks.

One of the aspects of this album that I adore is the spirit of collaboration behind this project. This was the first project that 116 has released where they worked with smaller artists outside their label. This heart for collaboration and community within CHH has certainly continued and has inspired their recent summer playlists.

This project takes our classic Christmas songs, like “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Silent Night”, and transforms them into modern hits. The additional three songs - “Thinking of You”, “Nothing But You”, and “Real Love” - are entirely new Christmas tracks that encourage listeners to set aside distractions and focus on Jesus, the real reason we celebrate.

Honestly, this is one of my favourite albums in CHH.

It leads me to dance, sing along, smile, and worship.

2. God With Us - EP by FLAME

FLAME is one of the key pioneers of the CHH genre, inspiring many artists, such as KB, to not only pursue music but to seek Jesus. As one of the staple names in this genre, FLAME delivers a Christmas project that feels reminiscent of classic rap/hip-hop, specifically CHH.

Once again, this is another project that is riddled with truth and with encouragement to set our hearts on Jesus this season. For many people, the holidays can be a time of stress, grief, and struggle. This album was released at the end of 2020, a year that was filled with even more loss and confusion, and FLAME acknowledges that through this project. He calls his listeners to rejoice and praise through their hardship, to remember that God is a faithful provider, and that, because of Christ, we can have joy at all times.

3. Christmas in Eden by Caleb Gordon

Last Christmas, Caleb Gordon dropped Christmas in Eden, a compilation of seven new holiday bops that boldly proclaims that Jesus is the real reason we celebrate this time of year.

Gordon blends his unique sound with jingle bells and samples some classical Christmas songs to bring us his signature spin on holiday music. It’s safe to say that this is the most lit Christmas project that I've ever heard. It’ll have you going crazy in the snowfall. This is also arguably one of Gordon’s best projects and I believe it deserves a lot more attention.

This is a project you want to add to your holiday playlist as soon as possible!

4. Gift Rap by nobigdyl & DJ Mykael V

Another Christmas project that blessed us during the end of 2020 is nobigdyl and DJ Mykael V’s collaborative Christmas project, Gift Rap. The project was announced with the single, “Xmas in the stiX,” which will add trap vibes to your holiday playlist.

The rest of the album features artists such as Aaron Cole and Paul Russell to bring you a chill and vibey holiday set-list to get you in the mood for the holidays.

5. Christmas Tape - EP by Evan and Eris

This Christian R&B duo also released this Christmas project back in 2020. This seemed to be a popular year for CHH to infiltrate this genre!

Evan and Eris deliver us an EP for those who are fans of Ariana Grande’s holiday albums. It’s filled with beautiful vocals, smooth R&B beats, and love stories - specifically between friends, family, and the King of Kings. The duo leads listeners to take a break from wanting during the holidays and to be grateful for the blessings they have already received. To come before the Lord, thankful for a personal relationship with him.

This is a beautiful project that will set your mood for a cool winter evening, by the fire, surrounded by family and Christmas lights.

Holiday Singles

While there have been many Christmas albums and EPs that have graced this space, there are also many holiday singles from some of your favourite artists.

Here are a few honourable mentions:

There are definitely more Christmas projects and singles out there that CHH artists have released over the years - and there is certainly more to come!

Let us know in the comments some of your favourites!


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