• Jonathan Thorne

Lecrae Announces Restoration May Be His Last Album

Rapzilla's Justin Sarachik had a conversation with Lecrae last night on their Instagram Live, and they talked about a lot of different things. The 50 minute long conversation rotated around a bunch of different topics, from the protests around George Floyd's murder (and other police brutatility cases), as well as the difference between Black Lives Matter the organization and the concept that black lives matter. "Do the right thing . . . their motive and my motive may be different but we're both doing the same thing . . . I'm not going to stop what I'm doing because they have a different motive". He also wants people to "cut this lovey dovey, 'we're all unity and love'. Stop saying that, you just want the tension to go away".

They also talked about to the work he's did when the pandemic hit, from getting masks to prisoners in Atlanta, and the work now to get that farther, to the wash stations for the homeless in Atlanta with Love Beyond Walls. The latter of which he takes no credit for, but says that it was a call with the director there who said they wanted to set up the stations but didn't have the funds. "Yes you do" was Crae's reply. Lecrae talked about having grace with correction, stating that it was "extremely important", and that he believes that "cancel culture is stupid. It's good to hold people accountable, it's stupid to cancel people, because Jesus didn't cancel anybody". And thank God for that, because "if Jesus cancelled people we'd all be done". Lecrae is no stranger to cancel culture, as people tried to cancel him when he didn't respond to Louie Giglio's "White Blessings" comment. Lecrae briefly talked about the difference between making an album and making a book, creatively, and closed out with a bombshell of announcement. In the last minute or so of his interview, Lecrae said "everybody says this is the best album I ever made", but "this may be it for me. I probably do some mixtapes, but I don't know if i'll ever make another full-featured album like this." As to why, "it's a younger generation man...I just want the new blood to come in and do their thing". But what would the mixtape be? "I may give them another Church Clothes and close the chapter out". I grew up on Lecrae, he was my first real Christian rapper (sorry KJ). I remember my friend playing me Jesus Musik in middle school. At first it was just Lecrae and Trip that I listened to, and then I gradually started listening to more and more artists. I remember the hype amongst my friend group when the first Church Clothes came out. I remember seeing Lecrae live for his Anomaly tour. His last solo album, All Things Work Together, came out one week before my mom died, and if it wasn't for that album I wouldn't be where I am. In fact, that can be said about much of his work. In my younger days when I wasn't a fan of worship music, I listened to Lecrae, and because of that I'm where I am now. I've got 116 tatted because of the work he's done. The amount of growth and leadership he's cultivated because God placed him as a rapper is absolutely incredible, and he's still a young guy, relatively. Lecrae changed the game because he listened to God. That said, I'm personally not surprised at the announcement. Given his slowing down with releases and features on other albums, given his work outside of the music industry, given the changes happening in CHH where he may be a good leader but not able to get the modern flows, it all just makes sense.

You can find the full interview here (Lecrae's interview starts 47 minutes in). Huge thanks to Justin Sarachik and Rapzilla for all that they do! What are your thoughts around the interview, and the bombshell announcement?