• Jonathan Thorne

KJ-52 Remade Gimme Dat Mtn. Dew, But Why?

My introduction to Christian hip-hop, like most white kids in the early 2000s, was KJ-52. I was about 7 or 8, but thanks to having older siblings, KJ-52 was something we'd listen to in the car from time to time. I remember laughing to songs talking about how "ya bref stank", and the song "Cartoon Network" has no right to be that good. I also remember listening to "Dear Slim Pt. 2" before I knew who Slim was (I was a sheltered Christian kid), and it wasn't until many years later that I heard "Dear Slim", and a few years AFTER that that I heard "Stan" by Eminem where Dear Slim comes from (linked version is censored, but content matter is dark), and it all pieced together. All this to say, it's fitting that my first article here is asking about my first CHH artist.

KJ has a large library of music, so I was just as confused as you were when I saw "Gimme Dat Mt. Dew" come up on my Spotify "Release Radar" playlist. Why is this song from 2003 showing up now? Is Spotify broken?

After a quick listen it was almost immediately clear it was a new recording. It had a remixed beat, the lyrics were only slightly different, and it was clear that it was current KJ-52, not young KJ-52. I asked myself, and have been asked numerous times on the CHH subreddit and discord....why? I didn't know. And a quick glance at his social media didn't immediately tell me anything besides the fact that his promoter disappeared to create a rapture solution for churches after all the Christians are gone. It turns out I didn't dig enough though (I mean, I kind of got caught up in the promoter/rapture thing, can you blame me).

This was his post on Instagram.

He's going to be releasing throwbacks every two weeks, and this was the one he started with. Kind of an odd choice, but I'm also not complaining. Also I honestly forgot that CDs could have hidden tracks and I was immediately nostalgic for those days. Someone correct me if Im wrong, but I believe Weight & Glory also had a hidden track somewhere in the middle.

For the younger audience, hidden tracks worked because you just wouldn't list the track on the tracklisting, and it was technically attached to a track so the cd player wouldn't recognize the track number as being different.

For the much younger audience, CDs were like Spotify, but they only contained a certain amount of music by one artist, and if you didn't bring another CD with you on your way to church, you were stuck with talking to your parents if you got tired of the current CD or the batteries died on your CD player.

What song do you hope KJ-52 releases next? I'm a big fan of his whole It's Pronounced "Five-Two" (2002) album, so hopefully it's off of that. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!