• Frederick Hicks


A Month after the Release of "U P P E R H A N D", indie tribe hasn’t let up at all, and I think this gives us opportunity to learn from their genius.

About a year ago, a shockwave hit the CHH space as Reach Records artist WHATUPRG, and then independent Jarry Manna, announced via Twitter that they had left the collective indie tribe. This was very surprising news simply because the tribe was the dream team that no one could touch. Made up of nobigdyl., Mogli the Iceburg, Jarry Manna, and WHATUPRG, any body of work, collab, or joint performance the tribe did was something to be in awe of. But yet and still, they had been reduced to half. Not many knew what to make of the situation, so the most that was given were encouraging words and prayers for the mental health of the tribe both former and current.

This year, another shockwave hit the CHH space via twitter. Two weeks after the release of "OUTSIDE", nobigdyl., Mogli the Iceburg, Jon Keith and DJ Mykael V posted a video that announced that that Jon Keith and DJ Mykael V had joined indie tribe. The twitter streets were shaking as predictions on the dynamic poured in with no true expectation on what was in store.

Following up with the momentum of the roster announcement, "HOLY SMOKE!" dropped and we realized that we were definitely in for a treat. Indie tribe was back and better than ever even getting a congratulations from the former members. Maintaining the momentum, indie tribe announced that their debut album "U P P E R H A N D", would be released on May 28th. It was official, the tribe was back, and had successfully transformed a once negative situation into something positive.

Before the release of "U P P E R H A N D", all the members of the tribe took to social media for a presale campaign in order to chart on Billboard. This allowed for engagement with the upcoming project whether it was a pre-save, pre-sale, or just a simple checking out of what was about to be released. Finally, when the project was released, there was outpouring support from the CHH community. The drive to purchase the project was still on, with even incentives set by Andy Mineo for free merch with

proof of buying the album.

Then on the Tuesday following the release, indie tribe took to twitter spaces to hold a virtual press conference where they welcomed questions from CHH media outlets on all things indie tribe and "U P P E R H A N D". I was blessed to be a part of that press conference and had a good time as I was able to get my questions off.

Now we finally found ourselves at the moment of truth; the proof in the pudding. Was the peoples’ money where their mouths were? The answer short and simple: YES. The tribe had charted #2 on iTunes ahead of J. Cole, and charted at #8 of overall releases on Spotify. As their goals had been on the way to realization, the final boss was the Billboard charts. That following Monday though, the news had been broke that indie tribe charted at #22 on Christian Releases and #92 overall on Billboard. All indie, all God.

Even today as the pandemic begins to let up in America, concerts and festivals have begun to reappear all across the country. These opportunities have not skipped over the tribe, as Jon Keith, Mykael V, and nobigdyl., have all made appearances over the last few weeks in concerts. The turnout and turn up has been tremendous, and one can only guess how exciting the "Holy Smoke!" Festival will be.

There are a few lessons that can be taken from this overall situation, which can be applicable to one’s musical, spiritual, and regular lives.

· One: Transform your negatives into positives no matter how grim things might seem. We always say God's got us, but that can get hard to conceptualize when the rubber meets the road. But don’t be afraid to surrender your problem,s and watch how He makes them work out for your good.

· Two: Don’t burn seemingly destroyed bridges. We should be peacemakers in all that we do, and that even means when we leave opportunities and relationships. There is no reason to have that grief and/or hate in your heart, and that does nothing for you but hold you back in all spheres of your life.

· Three: Ride the momentum of your moment. In whatever you do, be proud of and make the most of it. You shouldn’t be so quick to move to the next big accomplishment, and never be afraid to sit in your success. This isn’t complacency because this calls you to actively engage in what you have going on and find new ways to make it better.

· Four: Set goals for yourself no matter how impossible. I’m pretty sure that an indie group charting significantly four times is not commonplace, neither should any goal that you set for yourself. If we can truly do all things through Christ who strengthens us, then that literally means, ALL THINGS.

I pray that this can bless you in some way, shape, or form, as this has blessed me. Shoutout to indie tribe for giving us a moment, and may this help us all get the U P P E R H A N D in whatever we do.

Here is the link to the project below:

Tribe on the Move.