• Frederick Hicks

Episode 2 of Quarantined Christians drops

In today's episode, I sat down with King Chav of RMG Amplify. Once Chav and I had sat down, we had great dialogue about his hardships that he went through this season, experiencing God's blessings, and making himself able to help those who are also going through issues this season. Check out the link below!

“In an exclusive series our writer Frederick Hicks sits down with an array of people within the CHH industry to talk about what has quarantine meant for them, and what did it mean for their future? Though we are still under CDC guidelines, the initial bulk of quarantine is over with. We now see artists going on tours, back in the studio, and living life as close to normal as possible.

My question is simply, has your faith been reignited? No one saw any of this coming and I want to find how many in the music industry were able to adapt. Stay tuned to CHH Talk for more.”