• Frederick Hicks

Days Backstage: Tylynn talks the fruition of Consistency

If you didn’t keep up with the CHH Talk Instagram page during the “HOLY SMOKE!” festival, you for sure missed out. I had the pleasure of getting press clearance to interview a few of the artists who were there to enjoy the weekend, and even some artists on the line up. I figured it would be best to culminate all my concert interviews into one series titled “Days Backstage.” So, without further ado, here is the third installment of Days Backstage.

Before the "HOLY SMOKE!" festival in July, many people were not familiar with the name ‘Tylynn’ or her music. In all honesty I would have numbered amongst that crowd if it weren’t for J. Crum’s single, ‘Monochrome Melancholy.’ This track introduced me to an extremely talented singer/rapper who was willing to work however hard she had to for her goals. At the festival, I was able to see Tylynn perform as the first act on the lineup. Her energy alone swayed the crowd, and she left everything out there as she set the tone for everyone to follow.

Before her performance, I got to talk to Tylynn about consistency, being selected for the festival, and what her hard work means to her.

We at the Holy Smoke fest, it’s a moment, how does it feel to see your name on the lineup here today?

Man it feels unbelievable. Like it came out of nowhere! I was not expecting to be reached out for this, so for me this is an incredible feeling and I feel blessed.

SO the first time I heard you was Monochrome Melancholy by J. Crum, and I knew from then you were hard! I started following you and I believe you release a video every Thursday? How do you think your consistency sowed seeds for this to happen?

I feel like it’s huge. One of my biggest problems is consistency so I started Catch These Bars Thursdays to hold myself accountable and put out more content and to stay busy and working. I just feel like God is faithful because there were times on Thursdays when I would feel like, “I ain’t gone make it!” But I told myself, “I dedicated myself to this and I am going to make sure I follow through with it.” I think that it is paying off!

I am grateful that I was able to talk to Tylynn about her journey thus-far and I am excited to see where her consistency takes her in the future.