• Frederick Hicks

Days Backstage: Swaizy Reflects on his upcoming's in CHH

If you didn’t keep up with the CHH Talk Instagram page during the “HOLY SMOKE!” festival, you for sure missed out. I had the pleasure of getting press clearance to interview a few of the artists who were there to enjoy the weekend, and even some artists on the line up. I figured it would be best to culminate all my concert interviews into one series titled “Days Backstage.” So, without further ado, here is the second installment of Days Backstage.

If you don't know who Swaizy is, he is an upcoming CHH artists whose talent and grit has some serious co-signs to back it up. Being championed by people such as Indie Tribe, Datin, and Lecrae, Swaizy's hard work was recognized in 2020 when he was announced as a member of Rapzilla's annual Freshman class. Known for his energetic beats and funny but serious lines, Swaizy is intent on making his impact known in this genre.

When I met Swaizy for the first time, it was in Houston at a Pop-Up shop. He looked like he was funny, and when I saw his personality in action a lot of his quirky bars in his music made sense. He walked up to me and said, "Do I know you? You look reaallllly familiar." I mentioned to him that I do work at Rapzilla and CHH Talk so that was probably where he had seen my face before. After hanging out with him and a host of other artists, we said goodbye and planned to meet up again at the festival that we all came to Houston for. However, I didn't know that I would run into Swaizy again at the "HOLY SMOKE!" festival in Atlanta.

After getting the chance to catch up with Swaizy at the festival, I had a few questions about his experience so far in Atlanta.

Swaizy man, the 2020 freshman! You were on CHH ain't dead, you took the world by storm, now you're here, what's it like?

"It's a blessing bro! It's honestly a blessing. Just to be in the presence of so many talented artists and people, even people coming up to me saying they listen to my music, it's the best feeling ever."

Yeah man so yesterday at the VIP event you were on a cypher with some of the hardest spitters in our space. How did you feel about it?

"I was rapping with DYl, JON, MOGLI, ROB, BATTZ, AKLESSO, J. MONTY! To rap with those people, that’s insane. Especially since people were like, I didn’t expect that you were going to hop on a cypher, you’re not the type of cypher person. I was like yeah, I’m not! But I still did it though! I was not gonna miss that opportunity so I had to take it."

To describe the scene, CHH Talk was invited to the VIP afterparty and there was a special screening of the Indie Tribe documentary and a performance of a cypher with all the artists listed above. Everyone brought their A-game, and it was definitely a good time full of laughs, punchlines, and competition.

I’m grateful that Swaizy and I had this chance to catch up and reflect over his past and his experience at “HOLY SMOKE!”