• Frederick Hicks

Days Backstage: Mike Teezy Speaks on Unity at HOLY SMOKE! Shootout

If you didn’t keep up with the CHH Talk Instagram page during the “HOLY SMOKE!” festival, you for sure missed out. I had the pleasure of getting press clearance to interview a few of the artists who were there to enjoy the weekend, and even some artists on the line up. I figured it would be best to culminate all my concert interviews into one series titled “Days Backstage.” So, without further ado, here is the first installment of Days Backstage.

North Carolina native Mike Teezy is an extremely talented creative. With the ability sing and rap, Mike Teezy might be found on Instagram previewing a new single or just enjoying his life. It didn’t surprise me to see him at the festival, seeing that he really is supportive of the CHH Community and those around him.

As we were sitting through a break during the basketball game, I got the opportunity to sit down with Mike Teezy and talk for a bit about what we were both experiencing.

To describe the scene, people like Andy Mineo, Henrik Holdette, Mogli the Iceburg, and Ace Harris were all on the court just having fun playing basketball. There were mini games with the fans during the breaks and there even was a music video shot during halftime. It really would make you change your perspective on unity within this genre. It was a good time overall with healthy competition,

and Team Indie Tribe took the win over Team BYOD.

How are you feeling about the whole atmosphere of the basketball game right now? How does it feel?

It feels dope! I mean a lot of people that we would expect be able to hoop, look like they can’t right now. I mean the floor is a little slippery so that might be why. I’m a little upset I’m not out there but it’s all good, but it’s still dope.

So, what is your answer to everyone saying we are so divided after seeing something like this?

This is dope. Like to see a bunch of creatives in our space come together to play ball, is great to see. This really dope.

I’m very thankful to Mike Teezy for talking with me and thank you for reading the first installment of Days Backstage.