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Artist Spotlight: JWOODZ

JWOODZ has been on our radar as an up and coming artist in CHH over the past year. He recently dropped his debut album on August 31st and it has been on repeat ever since. We had the chance to interview JWOODZ for a Q&A to help our audience get to know him a little better.

Q: Where are you from / where did you grow up? 

A: I was born in Los Angeles California. I spent my younger day’s in LA but later on in life I moved to Dallas Texas when I was 10 in 2004.

Q: What inspired you to get into making music?

A: I’ve always had a passion for music with playing guitar growing up, but later on in my early adult life I discovered I was gifted with creating my own lyrics and recording my own songs.

Q: What artist(s) do you look up to / take inspiration from?

A: I’ve always looked up to the work ethic of Jay-Z and Kanye West and how they create music, execute their goals, and follow their dreams.

Q: Who are some artists that you’d like to collaborate with someday?

A: I would love to work with KB for his creativeness - I pull a lot of my music selection and creativity from him, Marty from Social Club - I feel that our energy matches well on a live set, & nobigdyl - I met him a year ago when I opened for him at the Family Ties Tour! He is a genuine dude an has a dope sound + he's super talented.

Q: How do you want to connect with your listeners?

A: I want my listeners to be encouraged with every record I make. If they have dreams of doing something big I want to inspire them to follow their hearts and go for it. I want them to have Faith no matter what the world may throw their way.

Q:How would you describe the journey as an artist so far?

A: My journey as an artist has been a blast so far! I've been learning and gaining insights from many artists that I have been in contact with. They have given me great advice + tips to make a successful career.

Q: What are your goals for your career?

A: My goal for my music career is to create a great space and environment that fits my vision to reach as many people that I can, and if ONE person gets touched by my music I know I have done my job and fulfilled my purpose.

Q: What is your favorite song that you’ve ever made?

A: My favorite song that I've created would probably off my debut album Elevated called "Running". It was a song I created out of vulnerability. The song is simply about my short comings as a believer and falling into sin and allowing it to get the best of me. At times when I'd ask for help or need guidance all I got was negative feedback instead of uplifting words from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. But ultimately, I had to realize that God is who I need talk to to seek refuge and call upon when I am in a dark place and in need of saving.

Q: Can you tell us about your latest project?

A: My new album Elevated is my first freshman debut album which consists of high energy sounds that include a dope story line about following your dreams and giving encouragement when things may get tough and you feel that you are in a hard place. Just know God is in control and that you're not alone. You must have faith in yourself.

Special message from JWOODZ:

I would like to tell anyone reading this message to never give up trust God in his timing/ process and allow your faith to speak louder than your problems because the God I serve is bigger than all of that.

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